Our wonderful handmade & vintage props!

Props, props and more props!

How many are too many?…… as far as we are concerned you can never have too many props, it’s what for us makes the photo booth so much fun! We also believe having lots of choices makes for LOTS more photo opportunities.

Being a maker and lover of vintage made it a no-brainer for many of our props as possible to be a combination of both. Many happy hours are spent planning, making and sourcing, to bring a little uniqueness to our beautiful booth.


Finding vintage treasure is always a treat, from specialists to charity shops, car boot sales and luckily my lovely neighbour who has his own vintage shop! For us using these timeless pieces is not only better for the environment, being able to reuse a well-loved, well-made piece of vintage history also adds an interesting edge to the finished photobooth print. As seen below…vintage props from the smallest vintage brooch on this handmade feathered headdress to our fabulous smoking jacket and everything in between!

Printing in black & white adds to the vintage charm!


These props for me have to be the most fun. I LOVE to make and Gertie very kindly aids me in my habit! Firstly, making them allows for a completely original set of props, they are tactile, well-made and easily repaired, so a big ✔️ for the sustainability box. Our handmade props are mostly crocheted, as seen below, our seaside props include ice-creams, the cutest cloud, delicious strawberries and the loved by all Steven SEAGAL! ( named by a lovely booth guest)

Always cheery some of our handmade seaside props!

We love a good theme too and will share more of these props in future posts, but for now we will leave with a sneak peek of our newest English Country props. (Currently in the making) We are very excited to share these with you and think they will be perfect for a summer events!

Sneak peek of an English country garden make!